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Ranker Performance Summary
Turbo NAS


Test Notes:
Firmware tested: 4.1.1 Build 20140820

# 6 for Total NAS (5.5)
# 5 for Write Benchmarks (2.7)
#1 for Windows FileCopy Write [110.12 MB/s]
#1 for NASPT FileCopy To NAS [117.96 MB/s]
#7 for NASPT Directory Copy To NAS [9.4 MB/s]
#1 for RAID 5 Windows FileCopy Write [109.45 MB/s]
#1 for NASPT RAID 5 FileCopy To NAS [115.13 MB/s]
#6 for NASPT RAID 5 Directory Copy Write [9.09 MB/s]
#1 for RAID 10 Windows FileCopy Write [110.01 MB/s]
#1 for NASPT RAID 10 FileCopy To NAS [117.96 MB/s]
#5 for NASPT RAID 10 Directory Copy To NAS [9.53 MB/s]
# 8 for Read Benchmarks (3.9)
#1 for Windows FileCopy Read [107.59 MB/s]
#2 for NASPT FileCopy From NAS [102.54 MB/s]
#4 for NASPT Directory Copy From NAS [14.09 MB/s]
#1 for RAID 5 Windows FileCopy Read [106.71 MB/s]
#12 for RAID 5 NASPT FileCopy Read [93.52 MB/s]
#5 for NASPT RAID 5 Directory Copy From NAS [14.19 MB/s]
#1 for RAID 10 Windows FileCopy Read [107.37 MB/s]
#3 for NASPT RAID 10 FileCopy From NAS [99.66 MB/s]
#6 for NASPT RAID 10 Directory Copy From NAS [13.52 MB/s]
# 7 for Mixed Read Write (4.5)
#5 for Content Creation [11.24 MB/s]
#7 for RAID5 Content Creation [8.43 MB/s]
#5 for RAID10 Content Creation [9.72 MB/s]
#3 for Office Productivity [54.75 MB/s]
#4 for RAID5 Office Productivity [50.62 MB/s]
#3 for RAID10 Office Productivity [54.63 MB/s]
# 3 for Video (1.5)
#1 for Video Playback [112.8 MB/s]
#1 for RAID5 Video Playback [112.75 MB/s]
#1 for RAID10 Video Playback [112.99 MB/s]
#2 for Video Playback / Record [114.2 MB/s]
#2 for RAID5 Video Playback / Record [113.25 MB/s]
#2 for RAID10 Video Playback / Record [113.25 MB/s]
# 7 for Backup (4.0)
#2 for USB2 - NTFS [43.76 MB/s]
#2 for USB3 - NTFS [114.46 MB/s]
#8 for Rsync Backup [36.29 MB/s]
# 3 for iSCSI (3.0)
#3 for iSCSI Write [92.78 MB/s]
#3 for iSCSI Read [91.71 MB/s]
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